Ingenuity and speed are critical success criteria that must be fulfilled by
partners providing creative services to BMW Motorrad.
Markus Hofmann of White Photo has been producing outstanding photographic work for the
international marketing division of BMW Motorrad for
nearly 10 years. His ability to think laterally enables him to operate effectively not only as a 
photographer, but also as a promoter and significant driving force behind photographic
and film productions and PR concepts.

Dipl. Ing. Martin Boelt | Marketing BMW Motorrad

“Working with Markus Hofmann is always a lot of fun. It is not just because he is a
very amiable, uncomplicated and considerate person, but he is
above all a highly creative and professional photographer who creates fantastic

Jaguar Land Rover Germany GmbH

“Collaborating with WHITE PHOTO was an excellent experience. Markus Hofmann
worked in an extremely professional way and always put in a great deal of effort, which far exceeded
our expectations.”

DUCATI I Germany