Summary portrait
Markus Hofmann

Some people work to earn money. And some people immerse themselves into a task with their heart and mind. They don’t just do it, they understand it, feel it, make it their business ...

That’s how it is with Markus Hofmann from Tegernsee: When the passionate all-rounder gets involved in project, it automatically becomes close to his heart. Passion and authenticity are the key words in his success. It all started around 16 years ago, when the Munich-born Hofman set up his own independent production company. Renowned clients such as KODAK and AVENTIS brought him to the business centres of New York and Paris. But this creative mind doesn’t see his job as “just” execution. He wants to learn, grasp, re-think and, above all, design it for himself. So the next step seemed logical: a look behind the curtains of the business. The result is a series of three volumes about photography, marketed in Europe and the USA.

But this success is not the limit for Hofmann. He wants to go further, cover new areas, and he founded his own publishing company. A lifestyle magazine was launched, which successfully found its place in the market over the next few years.

If you think this steep upwards trajectory was then followed by a break, then you’ve never met the 46 year-old, whose enthusiasm isn’t just stimulated by fame and money, but also the process of creation. So onwards, there’s so much more to discover. In the following years, Hofmann devoted himself to photography and surprise - he was also extremely successful here. Because he doesn’t just understand clients and their needs, but because he can also combine this with a modern language of from and target group-specific aesthetics. Magazines such as GQ, VOGUE and the ADAC magazine book the versatile man from Munich, as well as BMW, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER and DUCATI.

Now the time has come to close the circle: Thanks to his varied experience, Hofmann is not tied to one area. He can combine everything form concept, through strategy, right to creative execution and offer his clients a complete package.

Combine - actually one of the most accurate words when it comes to Markus Hofmann’s work. Get connected! He has assembled a pool of creatives and lateral thinkers into his network, for whom no approach is too subversive. What is important for Hofmann is that the chemistry is right.
And also the values they hold, for he never wants to sell his soul.

Unfortunately a dark side in this industry, which Hofmann does not allow to dictate the rules. In fact, the opposite is true: They play by the rules of the Munich man - and always to the satisfaction of his customers and colleagues: “Today I have the courage to stand by my ideas”. And the child in me also plays a role. Inspiration doesn’t just come from the big things, but often also from the everyday, small things ... for example nature, when I’m climbing a mountain. It’s good to keep an eye on the supposedly small beautiful things.”

This leads to creative approaches such as a graphic novel for BMW motorbikes, or the execution of a stunt show at BMW motorbike days, plus reportage for Land Rover, BENTLEY and other major clients. As before, Hofmann finds rest and relaxation in nature - he left the bustle of Munich six years ago and moved to Tegernsee. This is where he finds the foothold he needs on his turbulent, often very fast-paced everyday life. We call it grounding, when someone who has achieved so much, still has an eye for what’s essential, can still feel humble and doesn’t take success for granted: